'Hot Pink Wonder'

Extra large 1.25” blooms won’t disappoint on this dazzling new HARDY and DROUGHT tolerant groundcover. Wildly brilliant, quadruple-toned, rayed flowers display white centers surrounded by yellow, red, and then magenta rings of rich, glistening color. And big plus, they’re excellent bloomers over a long Spring thru Fall season. EASY and evergreen, the low, densely matting foliage quickly reaches to 2’ across and 3-4” tall. Preferring good drainage, it’s ideal for edging, well-drained rock gardens and trailing out of containers (3+ gal). Sprinkle a .5” layer of compost over foliage once established and each Spring for best show. Butterflies! Deer and rabbit resistant!


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 5-10
(USPP# 26,157)