Calceolaria hybrida
'Sunset Orange Bicolour'

A succession of “ladyslipper” pouched flowers from Spring thru Fall! The lower pouch is a vibrant orange with a central splash of red and red spotting inside - all nicely contrasted by a small yellow upper lip. The .75” flowers appear in cymes of 10-15 blooms, sitting atop a multi-branching 2.5’ tall x 2’ wide mound of softly hairy, dark green 3-5” ovate leaves. Makes a great accent plant where you want a splash of color. Looks great in a container too! Fun fact - instead of nectar, it offers an oily substance to its pollinators. Bees are known to use it to feed their larvae. Plant in fertile, well-drained, lightly acidic soil. Keep evenly moist. Trim to desired shape. Bees and hummers! Evergreen in 9b or higher.

Curious Plantsman

Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 7-10