‘Manhattan Lights’

Tall, stately and showy, this new and improved mildew-resistant hybrid Lupine features sweetly scented and striking electric purple and yellow bi-colored flowers. Starting in late Spring, densely packed erect bloom spikes tower a full 24” above an attractive 2' x 2' foliar mound of sage-green palmate leaves. Inch-long bonnet-shaped blooms open from bottom to top, making for an especially long bloom season. A cottage garden classic, it makes a perfect vertical accent or, if planted in multiples, its own dazzling display. Loved by bees and butterflies. Rich soil and good drainage – side-dress with compost once in early Spring and again in Summer for plant happiness and the most blooms. Deer resistant!

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Average water

USDA zones 4-10
(USPP# 18,868)