Rumex sanguineus ssp. sanguineus
"Red Veined Dock"
Rumex sanguineus ssp. sanguineus “Red Veined Dock”

"Wow, what is that?!" we often hear when visitors come upon this outstanding foliage plant in our gardens. A superb alternative to grasses or for those who feel "grass impaired," this distinctive plant makes an excellent foliar accent -- a fundamental ingredient to a fabulous garden! Long lived, evergreen (in zones 9-10) and carefree, it makes an 18" x 18" nicely formed clump. Outstanding sword-shaped leaves are highlighted by beautiful red veining and are an especially excellent foil for red or blue bloomers. New leaves can be eaten like spinach. Cut off any (boring) flower stalks so more energy goes into foliage and cut back to the ground for fresh new growth. Can also be grown as an aquatic.


Part sun (in hottest areas)

Avg. Water/Moist
USDA zones 5-10