‘Early Jalapeno’

One of the best salsa peppers with thick, juicy flesh and hot (but not too hot) flavor. Great for coastal CA gardeners as it matures quickly (63 days) and sets fruit under cooler conditions than other jalapenos. The stocky 2’ tall and wide plants produce lots of 2-3” fruits that can be picked at any stage after the green pods develop at bright sheen - getting hotter as the color changes to red. Plant 2’ apart in the sunniest and hottest spot you have though, alternatively, you can give it a little shade if you want a milder pepper. Water regularly since dryness will inhibit the fruit set. Suitable for container gardening (2-5 gallon pot). Fertilize regularly for best health and production.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Vegetable
All USDA zones