'Bee’s Bliss'

There’s every reason to bliss out over this fragrant, evergreen shrubby stunner! Lavishly loaded with rounded clusters of long-lasting (from early Spring into Fall) 1.5” periwinkle blooms nodding above compact pearly-green foliage to 2’ tall and 8’ across. The faintly sweet herbal smell is sheer heaven - snip some for a bouquet to bring the fresh aromatic scent inside, it lasts for ages! SUPER easy to grow, I’ve seen it happily thriving in an industrial zone, where only the strongest survive. This Cali native is deer resistant, does just fine with very little water, can take full or partial sun, and it’s super cold-hardy, reportedly withstanding occasional freezing temps. Clay and sand tolerant, it’s a great, quick way to cover a slope or a (well-draining) rocky patch, while encouraging tons of bees and birds and butterflies to stick around and enjoy the delicious fragrance with you!

Plant Enthusiast

Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 8-10
(Maybe 7-10)