'Cha Cha'

This clump forming, color-morphing super showy Cordyline offers a new world of possibilities for adding size, presence, visual contrast and year-round drama to dry or succulent gardens andcontainers!Unlike most Cordylines that look like miniature tropical trees on a skinny trunk, this captivating cultivar has a 3-4’ mounding form with variegated 1” wide weeping strappy foliagethat starts cocoa brown striped with pinky apricot and changes as it matures to chartreuse striped with buttery yellow. Constant new growth insures that all colors are present at the same time! Long weeping foliage reaches to the ground and obscures the short trunk almost entirely. Can be grown in full sun or part shade (in hottest areas) with only occasional water once fully established but does require well-draining soil. Evergreen in mild Winter areas, best in a container that can be move to a protected spot in colder climes.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Shade

Low Water

USDA zones 8-11
(USPP# 24,028)