Salvia concolor

Salvia concolor Salvia concolor

Striking, surprisingly long flowering spikes up to 2’ in length thrill us with vivid indigo-blue tubular blooms. Really, you’ll love the how intense the color is! FAST growing, this upright and shrubby sage displays its blooms almost year around in mild coastal climates like ours, with height of bloom occurring from Fall thru Winter - giving us gorgeous color and hummingbird entertainment during the drearier months. Growing to 6’ x 6’ (easily pruned shorter) its lovely heart shaped, quilted foliage is evergreen in Zone 9. Valued for its SHADE TOLERANCE, S. concolor is best gown in afternoon shade or dappled sun and rich, loamy soil. Can be grown as an annual in colder climates.



Half Day Sun
Avg. Water/Moist

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8-10
(annual elsewhere)