Angelica gigas

Angelica gigas Angelica gigas

When this architectural umbellifer blooms in late Summer, we know we’re in for a wondrous and tasty treat! Glistening, deliciously sweet
beads of nectar (yes, we lick them!) array themselves like fairy jewels on the ma roon-purple umbels, 4-6” across. Bees and butterflies come a’ courting! Ours bloomed in year one in a large container in part shade. Often takes several years to flower in the garden. Grows to about 2.5’ wide and 1.5’ tall in leaf, but its purple flower spikes can reach an impressive 5-6’ tall! Self-sows! Rich soil is a must.

Angelica gigas Angelica gigas
Sun/Pt. Shade
Average Water

USDA Zones 4-10

Deer resistant