Tibouchina urvilliana
"Princess Flower"

This evergreen shrub is a Bay Area MUST-HAVE thanks to its sheer beauty and ability to easily embody a variety of garden themes - from cottage garden chic to tropical elegance. A multitude of 2-3” rich purple blooms erupt from vibrant pink buds Spring thru Fall. The evergreen foliage is coated in red hairs that catch the sunlight and enshroud the whole plant a warm, enchanting halo. Left as a shrub, it’s compact and tame, forming a rounded bush about 7-15’ tall and wide but is usually kept pruned to 6’–10’ for bushy habit. It can also be trained as an ornamental tree, which has the advantage of showing off the beautiful bark and delicate branches. Prefers rich, loamy soil. Side-dress with 2” of compost twice a year for health and beauty.

Plant Unicorn

Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-11