Crassula species
‘Red Edge’

Crassula species 'Red Edge'

It seems you folks can’t get enough succulents with beautiful geometry & fiery color. Here’s another: meet our new, exclusive Crassula! ‘Red Edge’ has a low form with small chunky evergreen leaves, beautifully arranged at angles & (you guessed it) red edges! Stress will bring out more color, so just FYI, if you’re growing this plant with regular water & in more shade, it’s going to be more green. In the sun & under dry conditions, it turns a deep, luscious brick red! Grows just under 4” high & spreads 1’ or more, as leaves may drop & root as the plant grows. Blooms appear in early Fall – each blooming stem bearing clusters of white flowers set against red bracts. From South Africa.

Crassula species 'Red Edge'

Claire Woods

  Avg.-Low Water 

USDA Zones 9-10