Rosa eglanteria
“Sweet Briar”
(syn. Rosa rubiginosa, “Eglantine”)

Rosa eglanteria "Sweet Briar Rose" Rosa rubiginosa "Eglantine"

The wild Rose of fairy tale fame! Disease resistant & easy to grow, this prickly antique Rose has been cultivated since the mid 1500’s. Single pink blooms (favored by pollinators!) are borne in clusters in late Spring. Whenever I pass by I crush the leaves between my fingers, as this brings out the fresh, green apple scent of the foliage! In late Fall, handsome clusters of red hips appear. High in vitamin C, they are attractive to birds & excellent for making jellies or tea Grows from 6-10’ high & wide & makes an effective security hedge, or great cover for wildlife. Blooms on new wood, with some repeat bloom. Native to Europe, this species has spread & naturalized in many parts of the world.

Rosa eglanteria "Sweet Briar Rose" Rosa rubiginosa "Eglantine"

Claire Woods

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 4a-10