‘Grandmother’s Hat’
"Hybrid Rose"

Rosa‘Grandmother’s Hat’ Rosa‘Grandmother’s Hat’

I would often stop and admire a small garden of a house just around the corner from where I lived, sneaking into the front yard to take deep sniffs of the Roses growing there. One pink climber had an incredible scent. I later heard the story of the pink Rose known as ‘Grandmother’s Hat’. A woman named Barbara Worl found this Rose in an abandoned garden in San Jose. She was impressed and took cuttings. No one could identify it as a known Rose, thus it became known by the name Barbara gave it: ‘Grandmother’s Hat’. She thought the full, pink flowers looked like the hats our grandmothers used to wear. It is a very floriferous Rose and one of the few to bloom as early as February (if you don’t prune it too hard) all the way through Fall. It can be made into a climber, but I grow it as a free-standing shrub and shorten it once a year. The scent that originally attracted me to the Rose is spicy and rich. To 6-12' high and wide.

Rosa‘Grandmother’s Hat’ Rosa Grandmothers Hat Rose
Full Sun
Average Water

Climbing/Shrub Rose
USDA Zones 5-10