Go Wild for Wildflowers!
The BEST CA natives for Bay Area gardens with
RPBG's Bart O'Brien on Sat. March 21 at 11 am!
CA Natives!

Join us Saturday, March 21 at 11 am for an inspiring session with the ever-engaging Bart O'Brien, Director of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Tilden Regional Park and co-author of the truly excellent books Reimagining the California Lawn and California Native Plants for the Garden.

Bart is an encyclopedia of the BEST California natives for Bay Area gardens. Not only does he know (and love!) them like the back of his hand, he can tell you how best to pair them for maximum beauty and dramatic effect, whether it's in containers on a balcony or in a garden, small or large. He'll especially focus on our favorite annual wildflowers and how to establish them and keep them happy. We guarantee you'll walk away feeling enthusiastic and empowered to mix natives into your own landscape – whether it's to conserve water, attract native pollinators or just because they're beautiful!

Note: Talks are held outdoors – in the open air – and there is ample, spacious seating. All register stations are stocked with hand sanitizer and cart wipes and hand-washing stations are located near the shopping carts.

Enrich your local ecology by planting a few of our favorites! Many reseed for successive generations of FREE plants!
Eriogonum nudum ‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’
Eriogonum nudum ‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’
Easy, long-blooming and drought tolerant, clouds of primrose yellow pom-poms float above the foliage on this delightful “Naked Buckwheat.” Tough, adaptable, adorable and a big pollinator magnet. Hardy to USDA zone 6! Deer resistant.
Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Blue Springs’
Eschscholzia californica 'Rose Chiffon'

Glowing and growing beautifully together, these classic CA native staples thrive in low-fertility soil OR regular garden soil. Their luscious in-sync bloom will thrill you! Superb for dry gardens.
Layia pentachaeta ssp. albida
 "Sierra Tidy Tips" Ribes sanguineum glutinosum "Pink Flowering Currant" Phacelia campanularia 
“Desert Canterbury Bells”
Layia pentachaeta ssp. albida
"Sierra Tidy Tips"

Ka-bloom! Bursting into a smothery mass of bloom March to May, creamy white daisies delight pollinators. Clay/sandy soil tolerant, though showiest in good, well-drained soil. Self-sows!
Ribes sanguineum glutinosum
One of the first shrubs to bloom in late Winter/early Spring and an absolute staple in the native garden! An early food source for hummingbirds and bees. Tolerates dry and shady conditions, great under oaks! Hardy USDA 8!
Phacelia campanularia
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Rarely do we gardeners feast our eyes on such vivid, gentian blue eye-candy! Beloved CA “Desert Bells” makes a caboodle of 1.25” upward facing bells atop branchy red stems. Self-sows!
Delphinium cardinale Helianthus annuus 
“Delta Sunflower” Phacelia divaricata

Delphinium cardinale
Spectacular in bloom, this heat-loving native Delph can grow 5-6' tall! Fiery orange-red "elf-hats" beckon bees and hummers all Spring. Tuberous rooted, it's a boon to native, dry gardens. Deer resistant, hardy USDA zone 7!

Helianthus annuus
“Delta Sunflower”

The carefree ancestor of the domesticated Sunflower, you see this heat, drought and deer tolerant native blooming along freeways in the Central Valley. Blooms like mad for 3+ months. Bees! Birds!
Phacelia divaricata
Native to much of the Bay Area, delicious painterly lavender blooms adorn this fast blooming “Trailing Phacelia” in Spring. Forms a charming 10" tall x 16" patch of quilted foliage. Bee magnet! Self-sows. Deer resistant.
Clarkia amoena ‘Aurora’ Gilia tricolor “Birds Eyes” Lupinus succulentus ‘Rodeo Rose’

Clarkia amoena ‘Aurora’
Plant Clarkias now for gorgeous bloom almost all Summer long! To 3' tall x 2' across, 6" clusters of peachy, cup-shaped flowers last forever in a vase. Tolerates poor soil, super easy to grow and self-sows. Deer resistant.

Gilia tricolor
“Birds Eyes”
Beloved by bees, you'll be amazed by the bright blue pollen they collect from foraging on this long-blooming cutie. One of our easiest and most floriferous natives! Tolerant of neglect, self-sows!
Lupinus succulentus
‘Rodeo Rose’

An easy and fast filler and thriller sure to bring all the bees to the yard with months of luscious pink and cherry bicolor blooms. Sweetly scented and self-sows when happy. Mildew/rust free!

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