Primary Perfection!
Get creative with red, yellow & blue bloomers!

When our seed source for Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’ proved unreliable a couple years ago, we knew we were in trouble. As one of our favorite, most reliable and best-selling poppies, our gardens and display containers just wouldn’t be the same without it! Thankfully, after a couple years of getting things sorted out and (ok, mostly im)patiently waiting, we’re excited to announce that the Lady is back! And with plenty of time to plant for spectacular Spring shenanigans!

Look how lovely she is here with some of our favorite fantastic contrastic annuals “Baby Black Eyes”, "Wind Poppy", "Meadow Foam" and Nemophila menziesii ‘Snow White’. While we love a good pink-blue-and-primrose girlie garden as much as the next flower floozy, we like to play with the other colors in the crayon box, too!

Perennials Delphinium belladonna ‘Blue Donna', Lupinus arboreus "Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine" and Verbascum ‘Cotswold King’ provide long-lasting structure and all-important vertical excitement. Finally, grassy Deschampsia flexuosa “Crinkled Hairgrass” provides a sparkly burst of tiny funfetti-like flowers above a dense, finely textured foliage mound.

Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’ Delphinium belladonna ‘Blue Donna'
Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’
Unbeatable for putting the “pop” in your Spring garden, ‘Ladybird’ is dazzling when massed. Tidy and well-behaved to 15” tall x 18", it bears 15 or more 3” blooms at a time! Great in containers. Our first big crop in over two years!
Delphinium belladonna ‘Blue Donna'
Ultra-blue, easy and quick to bloom, we use belladonna Delphiniums in our Spring and Summer gardens because they keep re-blooming till Fall and overwinter well. Good mildew resistance, too! Lovely cut flowers. Hardy USDA zone 3!
Nemophila ‘Penny Black’ “Baby Black Eyes” Lupinus arboreus "Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine"
Nemophila ‘Penny Black’
“Baby Black Eyes”

This sweet little CA native annual is a knockout performer, blooming so profusely with luscious purple-black blooms you can't even see the foliage! Combines effortlessly with so many and self-sows!
Lupinus arboreus
"Yellow Coastal Bush Lupine"

Rockin' the house Spring thru Summer with loads of fragrant yellow 6-8" flower spikes on a 4' x 4' shrub, this CA native perennial adds a cottagey feel and much needed height to dry gardens.
Papaver heterophylla "Wind Poppy"
Papaver heterophylla "Wind Poppy"
Seldom seen in cultivation, this rare CA native Poppy makes a sweet statement in the garden with its profusion of unusual and gorgeous glowy orange flowers. Lily-of-the Valley scented and tolerates shade! Likes good drainage.
Limnanthes douglasii  “Meadow Foam”
Forming a glossy green, weed-suppressing mat, this EASY CA wildflower boasts fragrant lemony yellow flowers with bright white tips. Matches magically with Nemophila menziesii ‘Snow White’ – and both self-sow!
Verbascum sp. ‘Cotswold King’ Deschampsia flexuosa 
“Crinkled Hairgrass”
Verbascum sp. ‘Cotswold King’
If you like to giggle in the garden, the cartoon faces on this sweetly scented XL flowered Mullein is for you! The fastest variety to bloom, it'll reach 5’ tall with multiple spikes in just a couple months. Super bee plant! Hardy to USDA zone 7.
Deschampsia flexuosa “Crinkled Hairgrass”
EASY and low maintenance, this bloom-like-crazy grass begins as a lush, finely textured evergreen clump, 8” high and 15” wide. It bursts into a sparkly cloud of pinkish-white flowers in Spring and the seed heads remain for months! Hardy USDA zone 5.

Check out our VIDEO spotlighting even more of our favorite dream-team combinations. So many of these wonderful CA natives and Mediterranean annuals self-sow, which means you'll enjoy repeat performances next Spring and beyond!

For maximum happiness (yours AND the plants), be sure to give your hearty new friends well-draining and fertile soil (i.e. NOT heavy clay). A 1" layer of compost on top of the soil just after planting will give them a much-appreciated boost and get them off to a good start.

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