NEW FOR YOU, 2020 Edition!

Our 2019 plant trials are complete! We've weighed and measured the new recruits – and we weren't softies unable to choose between all of our precious babies. Oh, heck no! Out of the 1150 plants we trialed last year, only 128 made the cut. Less-than-fabulous performers – whether they be unimpressive bloomers, too wimpy for our climate, or way-to-hard for the average gardener to grow – have been brutally culled. The champions that remain have floated to the top like sweet, velvety cream. So, meet a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2019 – with many more to come!

Corydalis flexuosa 'Porcelain Blue' Digitalis purpurea ‘Monstrosa’
Corydalis flexuosa 'Porcelain Blue'
Robin's-egg blue flowers with a Narcissus-like scent and lacy foliage are the calling cards of this surprisingly hardy Corydalis (USDA zone 5!). Loved by bees and hummers, flowers appear in Spring and it re-blooms prolifically in Fall. Our first big offering after a tiny intro crop last year!
Digitalis purpurea ‘Monstrosa’
Not your average Foxglove! This mutant Digitalis has fascinated botanists and gardeners since the 1800’s, starting out looking normal until the top flower opens into a huge, bowl-shaped bloom 3” across with elaborate markings. Self-sows true to type, too! Hardy USDA zone 4.
Phacelia divaricata Rudbeckia hirta ‘Solar Eclipse’
Phacelia divaricata
Native to much of the Bay Area, truly delicious painterly white-centered lavender blooms adorn this fast blooming “Trailing Phacelia” in Spring. Forms a charming 10" tall x 16" across patch of quilted foliage. Bee magnet! Self-sows. Great in both gardens and containers. Deer resistant.
Rudbeckia hirta ‘Solar Eclipse’
Wowza!! We were blown away by the sheer magnitude of uniform bloom on this exciting new bi-colored Black-Eyed Susan. Making a perfect mound to 2' x 2', the 4" flowers boast a dramatic burgundy-brown center. Long blooming Summer to Fall, loved by all pollinators. Deer resistant!
Oxalis nidulans Viola odorata ‘Comte de Brazza’
Oxalis nidulans
A super RARE S. African Oxalis with ruffly 1” pink flowers that look like little roses! Forms a low bed (2-4”) of tri-petaled, clover-like foliage, with the occasional dark blush to the leaves. Naturalizes readily in most gardens. Already blooming adorably in earliest Spring! Hardy USDA zone 7.
Viola odorata ‘Comte de Brazza’
This 1883 award-winning antique Parma Violet is sure to make you swoon! Popular in turn of the century corsages, its snow-white, ruffled, double flowers are very sweet smelling! Foliage fills in nicely and is lovely as a groundcover for a part shade or woodland bed. Hardy USDA zone 7!
Agapanthus 'Elaine' Geranium x procurrens ‘Ann Folkard’
Agapanthus 'Elaine'
The richest inky blue flowers you’ve ever seen on an “African Lily”! The 8” wide umbels of tubular flowers explode out like midnight-purple shooting stars, making for a dramatic display. Durable and drought tolerant once established, it makes a great understory planting. Deer resistant.
Geranium x procurrens ‘Ann Folkard’
She's back! We're thrilled to welcome back this gorgeous, tough and everblooming Geranium after 7 sad years when it was nowhere to be found on the market. Super contrasty chartreuse foliage lights up the garden with 1" magenta flowers Spring thru Fall. Deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 5!
Azara dentata Mandragora turcomanica
Azara dentata
Masses of honey vanilla-scented fluffy golden flowers delight the senses in Spring on this tough, robust and effortless Chilean shrub. Forms a semi-weeping form to 10’ x 10’. Great for side yards and blooms with abandon in decently draining soil. Can be pruned to any shape. Bees, butterflies! Deer resistant. Long lived, hardy USDA zone 8.
Mandragora turcomanica
Thanks to a generous seed donation, we can have this ULTRA RARE and endangered Mandrake again! Grows to an exceptionally large low-growing rosette 4-6' across with clusters of 1” purple blooms followed by aromatic tomato-like fruits. May be extinct in the wild. All parts poisonous. Hardy USDA zone 5.

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