Prickly, Pokey, Spiny Succulents!
Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents shares
his faves February 22 at 11 am!

Come take a fun and fascinating foray through the world of sculptural and (mostly) spiny xerophytic plants with nurseryman and author Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents on Saturday, February 22 at 11 am!

Jeff's new book “Spiny Succulents” explores some of the truly extraordinary prickly plants in cultivation: cacti, Euphorbias, Fouquierias, terrestrial bromeliads and a host of other dry-climate and often spiky architectural wonders. His presentation features beautiful images of mature landscape plants photographed throughout California and Arizona – many of which also make for delightful container specimens – and his commentary will include cultural tips and care for new enthusiasts as well as veteran succulent die-hards.

"Spiny Succulents" is the fourth book in a series, and Jeff will offer all books for sale with a signing after the talk. Don't miss it!

Succulent Superstars!

We grow over 100 different succulents in almost
every color, shape and size – check 'em out!
Epiphyllum ‘King Midas’ Nolina nelsonii

Epiphyllum ‘King Midas’
BIG 6-8" blooms in soft peachy-orange with delicate pink edging are breathtaking! Easy to grow in frost-free zones with bright shade or morning sun, these South American epiphytic cacti make excellent houseplants, too. Majestic in a container or hanging basket with fast-draining soil.

Nolina nelsonii
From the desert and mountains of Northern Mexico comes this easy, succulent tree-like shrub. Architectural and fast growing with a 3-4’ rosette of slightly serrated, silvery-blue leaves, the 4' bloom stalk bears thousands of creamy yellow, scented flowers. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave” Aeonium nobile

Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave”
A fantastical addition to any dry, xeric or succulent garden, undulating blue-tinged tentacles (okay, leaves) intermingle with neighbors and add drama, class and structure wherever you plant it. Eventually blooms with a magical, singular, 15-foot spike that will have the hummingbirds in a tizzy!

Aeonium nobile
Possibly the most thrilling succulent you can grow! Easy AND drought tolerant with a mind-blowing flower head 18” across, this Canary Islands native shines in rock or succulent gardens. Lovely even before it blooms its second year, with thick petals highlighted by rosey-pink edges.

Stapelia gigantea Calandrinia spectabilis

Stapelia gigantea
Thrill your friends with this fascinating and CAREFREE “African Starfish”! With one of the largest flowers in the plant world – to 10”+ across – spineless, mostly upright succulent foliage forms robust clumps. Mature plants exhibit quite a few flowers at once from late Summer to Fall.

Calandrinia spectabilis
Heroic in harsh landscapes, this Chilean perennial is also one of our highest reward/lowest effort offerings! EASY and everblooming in dry or difficult spots. Blooms May to forever in temperate climates. Plays perfectly with others in succulent and rock gardens. Hardy to USDA zone 8.
Sempervivum 'Blush' Aeonium decorum 'Sunburst'
Sempervivum 'Blush'
Silvery blue-lavender rosettes color-shift to rosy peach in cold weather on this watercolor "Hens and Chicks". Think rock gardens and containers, just provide good drainage. Quickly creates offsets! Hardy to USDA zone 4! More Sempervivums!
Aeonium decorum 'Sunburst'
Fantastical and dramatic anywhere you plant it, this EASY and colorful carousel of a Canary Island succulent provides endless entertainment and admiration at the edge of a bed, along a pathway or in a handsome container. More Aeoniums!

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