In Pursuit of Delicious Fruit!
All Your Fruit Tree Questions Answered!

No matter what size your garden, there's room for fruit trees!

January is the perfect time for us Bay Area gardeners to plant bare-root fruit trees and that's why we are always dang pleased to welcome back our dedicated and beloved FRUIT TREE GENIUS, Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on Jan. 25 at 11 am to give us all the info we need to select, plant, prune and protect new and established trees!

Not sure what varieties are best suited to your growing zone? Wondering what you should do to make sure your existing trees are in tip-top shape for maximum yield? Phil's got you covered. His knowledge, passion and practical advice will get you fired up about growing your own delicious fruit!

BONUS: We'll give away a nice selection of bare-root trees at a FREE RAFFLE after the talk! No purchase necessary - just be here by 11am to nab a free raffle ticket!

For a complete list of varieties available in the nursery only: CLICK HERE!

And Heck ... Plant some
POPPIES While You're At It!

We're planting Giant Poppies up in here – and if you want maximum bloom at just the right time come Spring, you should too (for those patient souls in USDA zones 7 and below, wait to plant until the ground can be worked).

We grow more than 20 varieties of these large-flowered hardy annuals, many of which are the Breadseed-types that grow 3-4' tall with regal 4-5" crepe paper blooms in a sumptuous rainbow of colors. For maximum thrills, give 'em sun, rich soil and some deadheading of spent blooms.

We like to underplant Poppies with lower growing, Spring flowering pretties like Malcolmia, CA native Nemophilas and Cerinthe major purpurea. They'll fill in and around your Poppies and make your gardens look fab. Tip: Try toasting the edible breadseed poppy seeds – they're delicious in pastries and breads. With zillions of fragrant seeds spilling out of their dramatic and giant pods – you'll have plenty for your baking, the birdies and a bounty of freebie seedlings next Spring!

'Lauren's Grape'
'Afghan Pink and White'
Papaver rhoeas
‘Amazing Grey’
'Lauren's Grape'

Gorgeously grapey 5" blooms!
'Afghan Pink and White'

Bi-color blooms with huge pods!
Papaver rhoeas
‘Amazing Grey’

Amazing silver-lavender blooms!
Papaver 'Danebrog' Papaver ‘Sugar Plum’
Papaver 'Danebrog'
Outrageously shag-a-licious!
Papaver ‘Sugar Plum’
Frilly fringed purple petticoats!
Papaver sp. ‘Greek’
Our favorite red Poppy!
‘Raspberry Breadseed' Papaver 'Single Black' Papaver ‘Orange Chiffon’
‘Raspberry Breadseed'

Fantastic GIANT blooms!
'Single Black'

Tall dark handsome & SINGLE!
‘Orange Chiffon’

Earliest, longest blooming!
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