Hardy Annuals: Plant 'em now
for Spring WOW!

WATCH: Planting Hardy Annuals from Annie's Annuals and Perennials

With their lust for life and big bang-for-the-buck, these frost-tolerant toughies pooh-pooh our cool, wet Winter weather (USDA zones 8 and up), sending their roots far and wide and building momentum for a spectacular bloom-at-the-same-time garden extravaganza come April. They're some of the showiest bloomers in all of the gardening world – blooming their hearts out all Spring long if you plant them when they're young and deadhead faded blooms once they start blooming.

And the best part? Our open-pollinated plants are never treated with growth regulators and self-sow for successive generations of FREE PLANTS! Woo-hoo! Get them in the ground no later than mid-February and you'll be rewarded with a glorious garden and armloads of cut flowers, just when all your neighbors are heading to the garden centers!

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Lupinus succulentus 
‘Rodeo Rose’
Gilia tricolor “Bird's Eyes”
Echium plantagineum 
'Blue Bedder'
Lupinus succulentus
‘Rodeo Rose’

An easy and fast-growing filler sure to bring all the bees to the yard with months of candylicious (and rare for a Lupine) pink and cherry bicolor blooms! Sweetly scented and self-sows when happy. Mildew/rust free!
Gilia tricolor
“Bird's Eyes”

One of our favorite CA native wildflowers and extremely floriferous! Beloved by bees, you'll be amazed by the bright blue pollen they collect from foraging on this fragrant cutie. Easy, tolerant of neglect, reseeds!
Echium plantagineum
'Blue Bedder'

The celestial color and easy-going disposition of this delightful annual Echium makes it our go-to choice to pair with Spring pinks and yellows. Super adaptable and tough, just give it good drainage. Self-sows, perfect in pots!
Malcolmia maritima 
"Virginia Stock" Centaurea 'Black Gem' Lathyrus odoratus 
Malcolmia maritima
"Virginia Stock"

Easy-as-pie and sweetly scented, the color coordinated lavender, rose or white phlox-like flowers create a delightful 10” x 16” mound in your Spring gardens. Indispensable as a fast-growing filler and spiller!
'Black Gem'

This ain't the squatty little "Bachelor's Buttons" you see at the box stores! With luscious, dark maroon blooms and silvery green foliage, it contrasts beautifully with other bloomers. Grows to a proper 2' tall x 1' wide. Self-sows!
Lathyrus odoratus

Put the swoon in your afternoon with these romantic bi-colored Sweet Peas. With up to 7 blooms per stem and a lovely fragrance, it's best to plant them now for earliest April bloom. To 6-8' tall. Self-sows. Butterflies!
Nicotiana sylvestris ‘Only the Lonely' Eschscholzia californica
'Golden Chiffon' Phacelia divaricata
Nicotiana sylvestris
‘Only the Lonely'

Fabulously fragrant!
Growing to a majestic 4-6’ tall and 2’ wide, ginormous candelabra-like sprays of tubular white flowers explode into bloom Summer thru early Fall. Attracts moth pollinators and self-sows! Hummingbirds!
Eschscholzia californica
'Golden Chiffon'

A wonderful California Poppy with head-turning 3” super-ruffley semi-double golden blooms that add a sunny highlight to any garden! Easy to grow and self-sows for free plants! Bee friendly and deer resistant.
Phacelia divaricata
Native to much of the Bay Area, truly delicious painterly white-centered lavender blooms adorn this fast blooming “Trailing Phacelia” in Spring. Bee magnet! Self-sows. Great in both gardens and containers. Tolerates serpentine. Deer resistant.
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