How to Cope with a Slope - Redux!
Strategies for Gardening on Hillsides with Horticulturalist Ellyn Shea on August 31 at 11 am!

The Bay Area is full of hills, but don’t let the steep slope of your yard scare you away from creating a beautiful garden!

Hillsides are a challenge, whether they're dry or irrigated, sunny or shady – which is why we invited Ellyn back for another installment of How to Cope with a Slope on Saturday, August 31 at 11 am! A consulting horticulturalist and certified arborist, Ellyn will share strategies for gardening on slopes so you can enjoy a beautiful and productive garden without wasting water or losing soil!

Ellyn will address so many of the issues facing hillside gardeners and share her best tips and techniques for assessing your situation and exposure, irrigation best practices, design techniques, and, of course, plant selection!

Bring your questions, Ellyn has answers!

You've got problems! We've got plants!
Read more about our favorite problem-solving plants
Erigeron glaucus 'Wayne Roderick' Lantana camara ‘Irene’

Erigeron glaucus 'Wayne Roderick'
Attractive to everything – especially butterflies and native bees, this easy, long-lived and dang tough groundcover is a super floriferous must for hillsides and dry gardens! Neat and compact to 1' tall x 3' across. Hardy to USDA zone 6!

Lantana camara ‘Irene’ NEW!
Prized for its heat and drought tolerance and low maintenance, this compact evergreen groundcover is perfect for slopes, borders and containers. To 2-3' tall x 4-5' wide, its multi-colored party blooms are pollinator magnets. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Convolvulus sabatius
“Ground Morning Glory” Centaurea gymnocarpa “Velvet Centaurea”

Convolvulus sabatius “Ground Morning Glory” NEW! So cute, so versatile! Pretty and tough, this evergreen groundcover blooms late Spring thru Fall. Not invasive, it forms a low mat to 3’ across that helps with soil erosion. Adaptable to many soils. Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 7.

Centaurea gymnocarpa “Velvet Centaurea”
EASY, breezy, BOLD and beautiful! Heat and drought loving and deer resistant, this super tough large scale groundcover (To 3-4' tall x 8' across) features striking silvery foliage topped with rosy magenta fluff balls! Hardy USDA zone 8!

Zauschneria cana ‘Calistoga Hybrids’ Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. griseus
'Yankee Point'

Zauschneria cana
‘Calistoga Hybrids’

A groundcovering California native with hummer attracting flowers that smother showy grey-green leaves on this low-water, low-maintenance, deer resistant, drought tolerant plant. Adapts easily to CLAY SOIL. Hardy USDA zone 7.

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. griseus
'Yankee Point'

For sunny dry slopes, this long-lived large-scale groundcover grows 30" tall to 10’ wide, taking up a large footprint with almost no care. Evergreen, clay tolerant and fire-resistant and deer resistant! Pollinator magnet! Hardy USDA zone 8.

Mimulus bifidus 'White' Rubus calycinoides “Creeping Raspberry”
Mimulus bifidus 'White'
ALWAYS in bloom here in coastal CA with extra-large 2" ruffly Azalea-like flowers. Drought tolerant and deer resistant, this native perennial Monkeyflower is a pollinator party for butterflies and bees. Great under oaks and best in well-drained low-fertility soil.

Rubus calycinoides “Creeping Raspberry”
A standout groundcover! Making a dense evergreen weed suppressing mat only 3” tall x 4’ wide, this beautiful cascader is choice for a hillside, container or hanging basket. Tough, dependable, deer resistant, drought tolerant and not invasive! Hardy USDA zone 6.

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