Highly Successful Succulents!
Mix Succulents with Mediterranean beauties with
Marlene Simon on Saturday, July 20 at 11 am!

We're excited to welcome Marlene Simon, horticulturalist with the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, on Saturday, July 20 at 11 am! Marlene will share tips on the art of growing succulents – in containers and in the ground – alongside some of our favorite low-water Mediterranean climate annuals and perennials!

She'll be sharing practical advice about soil texture and drainage, root health, amendments and more. Come learn some of her favorite plants and pairings and take home a passel of succulents – all on SALE thru the July 14!

Ursinia ‘Solar Fire’ and Linaria 'Flamenco' mix masterfully with succulents.

July 4th SALE!

LAST CALL for 20% OFF!
online and in the nursery thru July 14!*

Come on down for a HUGE selection of fire-crackin' fancies – from quick Summer bloomers to a bonanza of butterfly and bee sustaining essentials, water-sipping drought tolerant perennials, unusual CA natives, sultry succulents, juicy rarities and more galore!

So! Many! Succulents!
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Puya venusta Delosperma 'Red Mountain Flame'

Puya venusta
HUGE purpley pinecone-shaped flowers and serrated rosettes to 40" tall mean this architectural beauty commands attention wherever you plant it. At home in succulent or dry gardens, perfect with Aloes and Agaves. Deer resistant! More Puyas!

Delosperma 'Red Mountain Flame'
Masses of scarlet pinwheels with a magenta and white eye create a dense and super showy carefree groundcover that can transform even the ugliest sidewalk strip into a dramatic blanket of gorgeousness! Hardy to USDA zone 6!

Aeonium decorum 'Sunburst' Sempervivum 'Blush'

Aeonium decorum 'Sunburst'
An AB FAB and dramatic focal point anywhere you plant it, this EASY and colorful carousel of a Canary Island succulent provides endless entertainment and admiration at the edge of a bed, along a pathway or in a handsome container.

Sempervivum 'Blush'
Silvery blue-lavender rosettes color-shift to rosy peach in cold weather on this watercolor "Hens and Chicks". Think rock gardens and containers, just provide good drainage. Quickly creates offsets! Hardy to USDA zone 4! More Sempervivums!

Crassula erosula ‘Campfire’ Echeveria cante

Crassula erosula ‘Campfire’
HOT! HOT! HOT! Angular lime leaves with fiery highlights bring year-round pizzazz to the xeriscape, container or sunny border. Requires almost no care, in fact, stress makes for a more colorful plant, so don’t baby it too much!

Echeveria cante
Pale perfection! This beautiful Mexican Echeveria boasts exquisite bluish-grey leaves edged in deep pink. Tight rosettes to 1’ wide give rise to 18” tall spikes of 1” tubular pink flowers. Butterflies and hummers! More Echeverias!

Echeveria 'Afterglow' Lampranthus sp. ‘Pink Kaboom’

Echeveria 'Afterglow'
EXTRA LARGE 1-2’ wide opalescent rosettes boast hot-pink edges and an easy-going disposition. Showy and rewarding, it's a thrill in a container with hummer-attracting pink flowers that open in succession over months for a long-lasting display.

Lampranthus sp. ‘Pink Kaboom’
Big faboosh bloom with zero maintenance! Tolerant of hard-pan clay, zero water and neglect. Forms a succulent mound 2’x3’ that explodes into blindingly bright blooms that completely smother the foliage in Spring. Wowza!

*SALE valid on all plants online and in the nursery thru Sunday, July 14, 2019. Discount does not extend to previous purchases or gift certificates and cannot be combined with other offers or coupons.
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