Join us for our first ever
Saturday, March 25 from 10 am - 3 pm!

Butterfly Summit!

Local experts weigh in on the state of butterflies in the Bay Area – find out what you can do to help!

We are thrilled to announce our first ever Butterfly Summit on Saturday, March 25 from 10 am to 3 pm at the nursery! Join us and several of the Bay Area’s leading butterfly experts to find out what we can do to help struggling butterfly populations in the Bay Area, including gardening for native species, creating butterfly corridors and preserving habitat.

Butterflies in urban and suburban areas are now almost entirely dependent on us gardeners. If we want to foster and encourage them, we need to provide the necessary larval and adult resources – and those vary from region to region! Come learn which plants are most likely to attract and sustain butterflies in your area – and how to plant a seasonal succession of blooms. Free and open to all ages! Bring your questions!


10 am: Bring the kids to see caterpillars, pupas and adult butterflies, learn about host plants, meet our experts and share your experiences.

11 am -1pm: Panel presentation and discussion. Hear from the educators, experts and enthusiasts who have worked to monitor and protect species and establish important butterfly corridors in their urban and suburban neighborhoods. Speakers and panelists include:

Mia Monroe, Facilitator, Xerces Society volunteer, Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count coordinator and Muir Woods Park Ranger.
Tora Rocha, founder of the Pollinator Posse at the Gardens at Lake Merritt. Tora’s group specializes in fostering Monarch caterpillars and butterflies and creating much-needed habitat in the urban jungle.
Tim Wong, Barbara Deutsch will untangle the gardener’s Pipevine Swallowtail puzzle.

Amber Hasselbring, Executive Director of SF’s Nature in the City, shares the work her group is doing for Green Hairstreak corridors in SF neighborhoods.
Andy Liu, Landscape Architect and garden designer specializing in butterfly habitat, explains why his neighborhood is alive with Swallowtails, Gulf Fritillaries and many other winged wonders.
Sal Levinson, author, entomologist and gifted speaker on butterfly habitats.
Suzanne Clarke, Master Gardener, will share her secrets on how to create a garden that is irresistible to butterflies.

2-3 pm: Stop by one of our info tables to learn more about gardening for butterflies in your area based on regional butterfly flyways and discuss what you can do to help re-establish butterfly populations in your corner of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area!

Plant 'em now Butterfly Essentials!
Enrich your local ecology by planting a few of these host and nectar favorites!

Eriogonum grande var. 
rubescens “Red Buckwheat” Antirrhinum majus 
‘Chantilly Peach’ Layia platyglossa “Tidy Tips"

Eriogonum grande var.
rubescens “Red Buckwheat”

Unparalleled as a host and nectar source for several species of Blues, Coppers and Hairstreaks, this "Buckwheat" fires up the dry garden all Summer long with bright red poof-ball blooms.

Antirrhinum majus 
‘Chantilly Peach’

We adore these fantastic, frilly, Chantilly Snaps and 'Peach' is the most popular, hands down! Strong, upright 3' spikes feature gorgeous fragrant blooms. A larval host for Buckeyes. Easy!
Layia platyglossa “Tidy Tips" 
Like a blast of sunshine, the profuse bloominess of our native "Tidy Tips" brightens the Spring garden for instant happiness all Spring long. Bushy habit to 18" tall. Host for the Checkerspot butterfly. Self-sows.
Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’ Passiflora hybrid 
'Susan Brigham' Anisodontea sp.
'Strybing Beauty'

Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’
A DWARF version of the hugely popular butterfly nectar source V. bonariensis! Plant this 2' cutie in front of the bed and watch a great variety of butterflies descend - especially Swallowtails, Buckeyes and Mournful Duskeywings

Passiflora hybrid
'Susan Brigham'

Ridiculously easy and rewarding! Blooming Summer thru Fall, this fast-growing vine is a fantabulous Gulf Fritillary host plant. Bright orange butterfly on 6" wide bold magenta flowers? Yes, please!

Anisodontea sp.
'Strybing Beauty'

This EASY and fast shrub in the Mallow family is an absolute favorite of Pollinator Posse's Tora Rocha. Blooms its heart out year-round in coastal CA, offering nectar to Monarchs and more!
Heliotropium arborescens ‘Alba’ Eriogonum latifolium
"Seaside Buckwheat" Nasturtium 'Evelyn'

Heliotropium arborescens

THE most fragrant Heliotrope!
Vigorous and long lived, this shade loving perennial smells deliciously like vanilla birthday cake! An excellent nectar source for many butterflies!

Eriogonum latifolium
"Seaside Buckwheat"

All species of Eriogonum are a super important nectar source for just about every pollinator out there (native and honeybees, too!) and a larval host for many of the smaller butterflies.
Plant them!


Scads of sunny peach blooms on this politely mounding (not vining!) Nasturtium make it perfect for tumbling over the edge of a bed. Larval source for Cabbage Whites. Edible flowers!

Lavatera assurgentiflora
“Island Mallow” Buddleja davidii 
'White Profusion' Erigeron glaucus 
'Wayne Roderick'

Lavatera assurgentiflora
“Island Mallow”

This drought and wind tolerant, fast-growing shrub has silky, cerise flowers SPRING thru FALL, providing nectar for hummers, bees and butterflies. A larval food for West Coast Ladies!

Buddleja davidii
'White Profusion'

Beckon Monarchs, Swallowtails, Admirals and nearly everything else in Summer with this fast growing "Butterfly Bush". Tolerant of heat, drought, clay and poor soil

Erigeron glaucus
'Wayne Roderick'

We'll never be able to grow enough of this fantastic plant - grab one if you can! Attractive to everything – especially native bees and many butterflies! E
asy and reliably perennial.

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