Rare Bulb-a-Palooza!
It's that most wondrous time of the year - our bulb season is in full swing!
Truly ONE CROP WONDERS, you'll only get ONE CHANCE to nab these beauties!

Ixia longituba bellendenii 
Ferraria crispa
“Spider Iris”
Babiana villosa
Ixia monadelpha
Freesia alba
Gladiolus carneus
“Painted Lady”
Ferraria ferrariola
Lilium lancifolium
'Flore Pleno'

Be the envy of the neighborhood with these wild and wonderful Mediterranean-climate-loving bulbs from South Africa and beyond! We nurse and nurture so many of our rare bulbs from SEED and all are in at least their second season (some with offsets!) in 4" pots. We sell them in active growth rather than dormant - ensuring that the plants are thriving and ready to plant when they get to your garden.

Quantities are limited and we do expect many of these lovelies to sell out quickly, so be an early bird for best selection! This year, we have a number of exciting varieties to choose from, so explore THE WHOLE LIST! If you see something on our website that's unavailable, be sure to put it on a WISH LIST and you'll be notified as soon as it's available.

Many bulbs are best grown in pots, where you can control the drainage and the water (some may need a dry Summer rest) and keep them away from mischievous little rodent paws. But many are sturdy enough to live long and prosper in the open garden with little more than existing rainfall to get them by. Many will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!

Check out our complete list of BULBS!

And shhhhh ... we have EVEN MORE varieties in the nursery that are extra limited or so brandy-new they're not even on the website yet. Come see!


Just can't get enough? 

We don't have them ALL right now, but golly they're pretty to look at.


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