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O, California!
Plant Natives NOW for Spring Bloom!

Pretty Spring scene

Okay kids! Starting NOW is when I begin planting all those beautiful native and old-fashioned cottagey annuals so that they’ll explode into bloom for our fab-tastic Spring Party in April. SO, if you to want a bloom-at-the-same-time heavenly garden this Spring, you’ll want to start putting in your hardy annuals (like 'Ladybird' poppies and "Bachelor buttons") now, as well as our most glorious California native wildflowers. Here along the coast they are best planted between now and the end of February!

Gilia tricolor
Nemophila 'Baby Blue Eyes'
Layia platyglossa
Cal Poppy 'Alba'
Lupinus 'Rodeo Rose'
Platystemon californicus
Collinsia species
Phacelia viscida
Limnanthes douglasii

We Heart Natives!

Our love for native plants is immeasurable. Right outside our back door resides a diversity of wildflowers unique in all the world. In fact, more varieties dwell in our home state than in ALL OTHER STATES COMBINED and there are over 2000 species that grow here in California and nowhere else! They enrich our local ecology by providing sustenance to local wildlife, most reseed in the garden for successive generations of FREE plants, they thrive with very little assistance and deal with drought and disease with aplomb. They have been here much longer than we have, after all. Sadly, many of our native plants are becoming increasingly scarce due to overgrazing, over development, and non-native thugs. Saving space for natives in your own garden helps preserve our California heritage for the future and it makes for some fine gardening, too!

So, what’s on the CA Native menu this week?
There’s more to come, so stay tuned over the next month for more native sweetness, including CLARKIAS! And remember, if something is unavailable at the mo - put it on a WISH LIST and get an automatic email just as soon as it is ready!

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