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Cussonia! The Musical!
The Terrific Truffula Trees of Sunny South Africa!

We are the Flower Floozies,
we speak for the trees!

We are tired of Crepe Myrtle and Prunus that make us sneeze. We want trees that are fabulous and funny and grand! We’re lucky South Africa has so many on hand!

We are pleased and delighted to introduce the Cussonia. A CABBAGE tree that is part of the Family Aralia. These cabbage trees are marvelously whimsical and handy – they are fabulous for containers, which we think is just dandy. Of course, they may also be grown in the ground – some are really quite tall, but they’re narrow around.

That means you can plant them in groups and in gaggles! A pack of Cussonias! Why, even a rabble!

What's more a Cussonia is tough as can be – a drought tolerant, hardy and transplantable tree! We once had a friend who was prone to relocation. Her Cussonia could have survived going with her on vacation!


Cussonia paniculata



As cold tolerance goes, they are not fans of freezing. They find temps below 25 degrees so very displeasing. Sorry, Zone 8! You can’t take home a Cussonia. If we had some, though, I would offer you a Mahonia.

As houseplants, I’ve heard the Cussonias are swell! Their silly hairdos make Ficus look ne'er-do-well. Now, it is recommended, but not something I’ve tried, but how can you resist a Cussonia inside?

Or hey! If you’re prone to a holiday that’s whimsical, a Cussonia Christmas tree sure would be magical! Presents all snuggled around the grand Cabbage tree - Charlie Brown would surely approve of such pageantry!

Need we say more? I think that is plenty! Come on down to the nursery for a Cabbage Tree or twenty!

Year-Round Garden Gorgeousity!

FREE TALK: Superstar Designer David Feix shares his secrets for year-round color on Saturday Nov. 13 at 11 am!

We are thrilled to have landscape designer David Feix at the nursery this Saturday for a presentation on some of his best ideas for year-round color. He'll tell you how he plants for Fall into Winter, as well as share ideas and some of his favorite unusual plants. Don’t miss it locals, he’s a treasure!

david's secret garden

Watch a slideshow of David's gardens here!


OPEN 7 DAYS, 9 am - 4pm!

Closed November 25 & 26 for Thanksgiving

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