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The Vygie Bunch!

Want to paint your garden in hair raising color and lower your water bill? Let me introduce you to Vygies!

Malephora crocea crocea Cephalophyllum pillansi Lampranthus species 'Cherry Bomb'
Jordaaniella dubia Lampranthus 'Pink Kaboom' Drosanthemum speciosum
Delosperma lavisae Bergeranthus multiceps Oscularia_species
Cephalophyllum alstonii Oscularia deltoides Lampranthus aureus 'Orange Form'  

First of all, some of you might be wondering– what the heck is a Vygie?

Easy! A Vygie is any member of the Aizoaceae (formerly Mesembryanthemaceae – OMG, that is a mouthful!) and it is a remarkable group of plants! Among the 1700 species (96% of which are found in South Africa!), there is a LOT of diversity.We prefer those that are vigorous, colorful, easy to grow, drought tolerant and NOT invasive. Does this mean we have to be picky? Not hardly! There are so many fascinating, garden worthy species to choose from!

Although Vygies are technically succulents, on the whole they are neither thorny nor arid-looking – some even have leaves that sparkle as if encrusted with tiny jewels! Many give a lush appearance, even through times of drought and the flowers, with their numerous shining petals, are myriad in color and size. Bloom time varies from plant to plant. Some bloom in Spring, and some beyond – some bloom all at once in a spectacular and explosive display (see Pink Kaboom above), and some bloom less intensely over a period of months. In the garden they have many, many uses – quite a few are groundcovery and some are shrubby. All will do great in parking strips, hanging baskets, rock gardens, borders, pots. You choose!

The plants featured above are available now - click on their photos to read more about the virtues of each plant.
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The Drosanthemums (bicolor, micans AND speciosum!!!) are coming soon, and they are some of the showiest and most sought after Vygies around!

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