Solanum pyracanthum
“Porcupine Tomato”
Solanum pyracanthum “Porcupine Tomato” Solanum pyracanthum “Porcupine Tomato”

Deliciously wicked! Fuzzy bluish-green, attractively lobed leaves held on furry orange stems display festive orangey-red midribs and fabulously fiendish upright thorns. Summer brings bright purple 1” tomato blooms and a golden glow to up the contrast even more! Here in our climate it grows to a branching 3’ x 3’ making a super trippy specimen plant/conversation starter you’ll love to show off. Best in a container I think (5 gal and up). Well drained soil with a bit of compost added. Protect from frost. Native to Madagascar.


Solanum pyracanthum “Porcupine Tomato”
Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA Zones 9-11