Salvia munzii
“San Diego Sage”

Salvia munzii “San Diego Sage” Salvia munzii “San Diego Sage”

A beautiful, aromatic Sage from San Diego to Baja, Mexico. Salvia munzii resembles Salvia mellifera but is a more compact shrub, usually only 4’-6’ tall and wide. In the Spring and Summer, it bears clusters of light blue flowers held in fairly dense whorls above the small, oval, olive green foliage. Extremely drought tolerant, it may go deciduous without any Summer water but can be kept evergreen by irrigation. It tolerates Summer water and heavier soil better than S. mellifera and S. clevelandii. This tolerance makes it a very dependable choice in wild or garden settings.

Full sun
Avg./Low water

Native shrub
USDA zones 8b-11