Phlomis samia

Phlomis samia Phlomis samia

The TRUE Phlomis samia with lavender blooms! (The yellow flowered species – often misnamed – is actually russeliana.) LOW MAINTENANCE, DEER RESISTANT, HEAT, DROUGHT & HUMIDITY tolerant, this vigorous evergreen Mediterranean perennial is an excellent dry garden choice, combining superbly with Lavender & Cistus. 3’-4’ tall & 3’ across, it presents a dense upright form with highly attractive downy heart-shaped leaves year-round here in Zone 10. From June to September the unusual hooded & fuzzy lilac blooms (1.25”-1.5”) appear with a rosy-pink tinge on the lavender lips. Held in whorls they emerge from purple calyces. Not fussy about soil, though it looks best with some drainage & a side-dress of compost once a year. Cut back to the ground whenever it looks not at its best for a quick rejuvenation. Part Sun in hottest areas.


Sun- Pt.Sun

USDA Zones 7-10