Clematis paniculata
(aka C. terniflora)
“Sweet Autumn Clematis”

Clematis terniflora (aka paniculata) "Sweet Autumn Clematis" Clematis terniflora (aka paniculata) "Sweet Autumn Clematis"

Need a fast growing vine? Like “Jack in the Beanstalk,” this extraordinarily vigorous, fast growing vine will top 20’ in one season. It is unusually late blooming for a Clematis, bearing clouds of fragrant, 1”, star-shaped, white flowers Summer thru Fall. The sweet vanilla fragrance is wonderful & not overpowering, bringing back the sweet scents of Spring. After the flowers fade, silvery, plume-like seed heads decorate the vine. “Sweet Autumn Clematis” blooms on current season’s wood. It’s easily & best pruned in late Spring by cutting last year’s stems 6-12” above the ground. Don’t be alarmed by this drastic pruning - it’s so vigorous that by midseason it will be covering the fence or trellis again. Plant in a sunny, well drained location where its roots can be shaded & cool (a thick layer of mulch works fine). Deciduous to semi-deciduous.

Sun Avg. water
Perennial vine

USDA zones 4-10