Ceanothus 'Tuxedo'

Ceanothus 'Tuxedo' Ceanothus 'Tuxedo'

photo(left): www.fitzgerald-nurseries.com

A stunning break-through in Ceanothus breeding, 'Tuxedo' was found in 2007 at the Fitzgerald Nursery in Ireland. A branch on 'Autumnal Blue' developed deep black leaves. Cuttings from the branch produced plants with similar black foliage so 'Tuxedo' was introduced & was met with rave reviews. 'Tuxedo' is a cross between Ceanothus thyrsifolia (a California native) & a cold tolerant variety from the East Coast (C.americana or C.dellianus). Thus its popularity in England, but it thrives in California, too. Its habit is very open, & it grows to 8' tall & wide. However, it responds very well to pruning & can be shaped to fit the space. The lavender blue flowers are produced in the late Summer & Fall, quite unlike the early Spring flowering of CA native Ceanothus, & the contrast between the black foliage & the lavender blue flower is quite remarkable. Unless you have seen a 'Tuxedo' blooming, you have not seen anything like it.

Anni J.

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8-10