Bauhinia variegata
“Purple Orchid Tree”

 Bauhinia variegata “Purple Orchid Tree”

photo: Joseph Kai Yan Wong

This lovely small tree, native to India & China, bears abundant large (2-3”) lavender to purple fragrant orchid flowers in January to April & intermittently in Summer. Growing 15-20’ here in the States, it’s marginally frost hardy, growing best in Sunset zones 13 & 18-24 & hardy down to 22 degrees F. Semi-evergreen to deciduous in cooler climates, the wonderful flower show occurs before the foliage leafs out. A spectacular street tree where Spring is reliably & steadily warm. Prune & stake for best form. After bloom it produces a large crop of bean pods you can trim off for neater appearance.



Bauhinia variegata “Purple Orchid Tree” Bauhinia variegata “Purple Orchid Tree”

photo:(left) Jim Harding

Avg.  Water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA Zones 9-11