Alchemilla mollis ‘Select’
"Lady's Mantle"

Have you discovered the wonders of “Lady's Mantle” yet? A fabulous problem solver for the shade garden , this is one tough-as-nails, clay-tolerant cookie, easily surviving the daily basketball games in my driveway! Although it's often overlooked by gardeners looking for something with showier flowers, here's what you're missing: Lovely dense mounds of velvety apple green scalloped leaves that make just about the easiest, most reliable edger for shade. Water droplets bead up and sparkle like jewels on the foliage for hours (you'll go running for the camera!). A great foil for brighter bloomers, even though its own frothy sprays of lime green flowers are charming on their own. About 1' tall in bloom and 1.5' across, I grow it in front of the shade-providing taller sun shrubs as well. If it ever looks tired, just shear it back hard and you'll have fresh new growth lickety split! Deer resistant.


AM Sun/Shade
Avg./Low water

USDA Zones 3-10