Solanum quitoense

Solanum quitoense "Naranjilla" Solanum quitoense "Naranjilla"

Grown primarily for its magnificent & sensuous, tropical looking foliage, “Naranjilla” is native to the highlands of Equador & Peru, where the fruit is very popular & used to make a refreshing drink. The huge, bright green leaves can grow 2’ to 3’ long & almost 12” wide & are covered with velvety purple hairs. Dark, purple veining adds to the show, but don’t touch because there are thorns, too (that are also - you guessed it – purple!). It bears velvety purple & white flowers &, if you’re lucky, the delicious, golden, fuzzy-wuzzy, golf ball-sized fruit will follow. Fruits best where Summers are cool, but not too foggy. Will take a bit of a freeze, but doesn’t like temperatures below 32 degrees, so Winter protection is important. Fabulous specimen plant! Loves large containers, which encourages fruiting. To 5’ tall. Rich, well-drained soil is best.


Average water

Perennial Vegetable
USDA zones 9b-11