Salvia wagneriana

Salvia wagneriana Salvia wagneriana

Commanding Winter bloominess! Big, bold Salvia wagneriana bursts into a massive display of large bright rosey-red blooms 6-7” long. I find it amazing this long blooming Sage is so rare in the nursery trade. It’s an excellent solution for any area that requires something large, easy, deer resistant and resplendent! It can reach 10’ x 10’ across, but for a smaller show I cut it back to the ground after it’s finished blooming and again sometime in Summer, to about 3’ tall. Bloom spikes, are rather spear shaped, with the velvety cerise flowers emerging from the bottom out of tightly held buds. Arching prominently outward from the branches and foliage, the presentation is awesome and lasts through Spring, starting many a hummingbird war! Long lived, fast and easy – just provide rich well drained soil, compost once a year and Summer water for best show!


Full Sun/Pt.Shade

Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 9-11