Salvia spathacea
“Crimson Sage”
“Hummingbird Sage”

Salvia spathacea “Crimson Sage” “Hummingbird Sage”Salvia spathacea “Crimson Sage” “Hummingbird Sage”

A showynative groundcover for dry shade! Blooming Spring thru Summer, 1” bright magenta flowers sprout from contrasty and textural burgundy calyces. Held erect on 18” stems, the densely stacked, lemon-sized whorls give visual thrills even after the flowers fade. To 1-3’ tall, spreading by rhizomes to about 4’ across with attractive, semi-to-evergreen, wavy fruity scented leaves. Deadhead in Fall. Grows under oaks! Deer resistant.

Salvia spathacea “Crimson Sage” “Hummingbird Sage”


Light Shade

Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 8-11