Salvia patens
“Gentian Sage”
Salvia patens "Gentian Sage"
Salvia patens "Gentian Sage"

The truest BRIGHTEST royal blue in the plant world. Large 2” blooms are a delight to the eye grown in the garden or in a container (10+ gal.). EASY and best in compost-amended, well-drained soil. “Gentian Sage” grows to only 2’x2’ with plentiful upright stems bearing loosely held flowers from Spring to Fall. Peaking in early Summer, you can extend that out by dead-heading and feeding mid-Summer. Native to central Mexico, it’s so pretty that folks in colder climes grow it as an annual.  Storable tubers. Cut back in Fall to 1”. Hummers, butterflies! Deer resistant.


Full Sun
Pt. Sun (hottest areas)  
Average Water

USDA Zones 8-10
(annual elsewhere)