Petunia integrifolia
“Wild Petunia”

Petunia integrifolia “Wild Petunia” Petunia integrifolia "Wild Petunia"

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S PETUNIA, or a new fangled hybrid, but an awesome perennial species from Mexico. Blooming heavily and non-stop from Spring thru Fall at least, it forms a dense mound, then begins to co-mingle thru neighboring plants and cascading beautifully over the edge of a bed. Ours has made best friends with a rose and has climbed to 6’ tall – so pretty! The 2” flowers are rich magenta and sport a black throat. If blooming slows, cut back severely and woo-hoo! Another round of bloom! Rich, well-drained soil. Hummers!



USDA Zones 9-11