Penstemon cobaea
“Showy Beardtongue”

Penstemon cobaea “Showy Beardtongue” Penstemon cobaea “Showy Beardtongue”
photo:(right) Bill McLaughlin

With the largest flowers of the genus Penstemon, this mid-western species is native to our grasslands, easy to grow, very long blooming and, unlike many Penstemons, is long lived. The 2” long, flaring blooms are so large, this Penstemon is often mistaken for a foxglove. The color is variable, from flashy rich purple to rosy-violet. Bloom time is April thru June, the flowers held in tight clusters atop 24” to 30” stems. The evergreen foliage is an attractive, glossy, rich green. Though it prefers loamy, well drained soil, it does tolerate drought conditions. Attracts bumblebees & hummingbirds! To 24-30" high & 1-1.5' wide


Full Sun 
Moist/Low Water

drought tolerant
USDA Zones 4-10