Paulownia tomentosa
“Empress Tree”

Paulownia tomentosa “Empress Tree”
Paulownia tomentosa “Empress Tree”

Spectacular, EASY and just about the fastest tree you can grow! With fairy-tale like beauty, large, fragrant lavender, Foxgolve-like blooms held in 12-16" clusters ornament bare branches in Spring before the foliage emerges - a sight to behold! Large, fuzzy heart-shaped leaves follow, bestowing a tropical effect. Tolerates air pollution, poor or toxic soil and clay! Growing 8-10' in its first year, it can reach 40' tall. If you want to keep it shorter, you can prune back severely or even chop it to the ground each Winter - or grow it in clay, which limits its height. Can be invasive in the Eastern U.S. - agricultural restrictions prevent us from shipping to CT or WI. Please check here before ordering:


Avg. water

USDA Zones 4-10