Nepeta tuberosa

Nepeta tuberosa Nepeta tuberosa

Perfectly suited to our Mediterranean climate, this unusual relative of “Catmint” from Spain and Portugal generously rewards the patient gardener. It’s a pleasant plant the first year, but once established it really shines with abundant, MASSIVE, chubby purple flower spikes about 8” tall and 1.5” wide. The pretty purple flowers are held in tiers of mauve bracts. Much loved by honey and native bees and EXTREMELY long-lasting in bouquets! Attractive wooly grey leaves are generally evergreen but may go dormant in extreme drought or cold. Once conditions improve it returns reliably from its tuberous roots. Grows to around 2’ wide and 3’ tall, but looks its best when maintained at 2’ tall.

Nepeta tuberosa Nepeta tuberosa

Anni Jensen

Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg./No Summer water

USDA zones 7-10
(6 if protected)