Nasturtium (Tropaeolum peregrinum)
“Canary Creeper Nasturtium”

Nasturtium Tropaeolum peregrinum "Canary Creeper Nasturtium" Nasturtium Tropaeolum peregrinum "Canary Creeper Nasturtium"

Scrambling among taller shrubs & roses or hanging from a good sized basket, “Canary Creeper” can always be counted on for a vivid display. A cousin of the common Nasturtium, it’s a super bloomer boasting loads of curious sunny yellow orchid-like flowers, looking like egrets coming in for a landing. Very attractive foliage, too – bluish green & deeply lobed. Easy & fast growing to 10,’ it climbs by wrapping its leaf stems around the convenient host. You can grow “Canary Creeper” against an ivy covered fence for intense contrast & it’s very cool growing thru a blue Summer-blooming shrub like Salvia mexicana ‘Limelight’. Rich soil & roots in the shade. Self-sows.


Sun by coast/Part Sun inland 
Average Water

Annual All zones