Musschia wollastonii

Musschia wollastonii Musschia wollastonii

From the island of Madeira (land of weird & wonderful plants) comes this super rare & fantastical Cam­panula relative. EASY to grow, it will reach 4-5’ tall in bloom its 2nd year. In year 1, you’ll adore its huge, velvety leaved rosette to 4’ across – a superb asset in the shady garden, in late Spring of year 2, prepare to have your mind blown when it makes a pyramidal inflorescence 4’ across bearing hundreds of fanciful chartreuse blooms. You’ll be calling your friends over to share this amazing sight. Dies after bloom, but not before dropping jillions of seed for future generations. Rich, moist, well-drained soil. Musschia wollastonii naturally grows on cliffs in cool, foggy conditions and so it loves our coastal climate.



Brt. Shade

Avg/Moist Water

(dies after blooming)
USDA zones 8-10