Mina lobata
"Exotic Love Vine"

Mina lobata "Exotic Love Vine"

Knock-your-socks-off flowering spikes always elicit the question from visitors, “Is it real?” This gorgeous, fast growing, annual vine couldn’t be easier to grow! Quickly reaching 10’ or more, it solidly blankets a trellis or ugly fence with appealing large fleur-de-lis shaped leaves. Next come the startling blooms, 5” spikes festooned with scarlet, orange, yellow and cream flowers! Held upright on reddish stems & displayed in great numbers, the blooms go on for months. Self-sows to return year after year. Insane combined with its cousin, the dark purple “Morn­ing Glory,” ‘Kniola’s Black’. Give the roots a little shade & plant in rich soil.

Mina lobata"Exotic Love Vine"


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