Lobelia tupa
“Tobaco del Diablo”

Lobelia tupa

Magnificent and exotic – folks will stop their cars to ask you what in the world is that remarkable plant? Luckily, this is one durable, robust, deer resistant and DROUGHT TOLERANT perennial showing more bloom stalks every year – up to 25-30! Very easy to grow, the strong upright 6-8’ stalks tower over an impressive 3-4’ x 3-4’ clump of large plush grey-green lance-shaped leaves. Blooming from June to September, hummingbirds go bonkers for its substantial 2.5” bright scarlet open-mouthed flowers held on 12” spikes. Native to both Summer wet and dry areas of Chile, it’s most outlandish in rich, well-drained soil but well tolerates poor, dryish soil (once established) and even clayish soil. Evergreen in USDA zone 9, deciduous in zone 8, root hardy to 10-15°F with Winter mulching.


Sun/Pt. Sun (Hotter Areas)
  Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 8-10