‘Barrett Browning’

10 Bulb per Bag
*Bulb size varies, Size does not affect viability*

Bold and adorable?! Yes! This early-blooming classic has high impact in the garden with a vivid orange-colored and slightly frilled cup held against crisp, clean white petals. Large white flowers reaching 4" across will delight all who view them, whether in the garden or in a vase. A heat tolerant selection that will thrive in well-drained soils with average to medium moisture. Wonderfully versatile and reaching 14" to 16" tall, N. 'Barrett Browning' can be featured under deciduous trees en masse or planted amongst other early season bloomers in mixed beds. Plant in fall at a depth of 6"-8", spacing bulbs 5" to 6" apart. Reduce water once foliage starts to die back to enjoy many seasons of blooms.

Avg. Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 5-9