Rhamnus californica
‘Mound San Bruno’


This Rhamnus brings all the birds to the yard. It’s just one of the reasons we love this Coffeeberry. It’s a no fuss California native shrub that forms a wonderfully tidy, dark green dome that will fit perfectly into wild and formal gardens alike. You won’t notice much of a flower display, but pollinators certainly will. The big show comes in fall when this plant is laden with exceptionally large and showy berries. Wonderfully versatile, this selection thrives in well-draining soils, but will take just about any conditions you throw its way: sun or shade, regular or infrequent water, clay or sandy soils. Adaptable and handsome? We’ll take three! A moderately quick grower, it will reach 3’ to 4’ tall and up to twice as wide, but some light pruning can keep it a tight and tidy 4’ to 5’ wide. Fruit is not edible for humans.


Full Sun to Part Shade
Low Water

Perennial CA Native
USDA zones 7-10