More dill in less space?! Heck yes! An attractive, early, and compact dill will have you cranking pickles, salads and more out of your kitchen. Great grown in the garden or in a container, reaching 18 to 24” tall and 8 to 12” wide. Not only does dill provide aromatic seeds and foliage, it brightens your garden with its yellow-green flowers in spring and fall, contrasting its dark blue-green foliage. Harvest in about 55-60 days once the plants have become established. Fernleaf is adaptable to a variety of soils but thrives with added amendment. Keep soil moist but not saturated. Dill is the host to parsley worm caterpillars, which is the larva of the black swallowtail butterfly. Enjoy your dill in salad dressings, pickles or preserved in oils, butters, and frozen stocks.


Full Sun
Avg. Water

Annual Edible
USDA Zones All