'Red Hot Kissed'

Not quite the 'last of the red hot lovers', this newest entry in Joy Creek Nursery's Kissed penstemon series is a real showstopper! Similar to the classic garden Penstemon 'Scarlet Queen' but with especially large flowers and more robust 2 foot high foliage, this summer bloomer attracts a variety of pollinators to your garden. Each widely flared, 2” tubular flower is a vivid red, offset with an illustrious white throat. Slender green leaves provide a refreshing contrast to the vivid blooms. Give this gal full sun when planted near the coast but a bit of relief from the midday sun in hotter climates. You'll want to put this beauty front and center in your garden, be that in a perennials bed or spicing up a decorative pot. Clean up in winter and avoid over-fertilizing. Mulch the crowns with gravel or bark mulch to promote good drainage. Sure to draw lots of attention, this penstemon is one delightful showoff!

Curious Plantsman

Sun - Part Sun
Avg./ Low Water

USDA zones 8a-11b