Lavandula stoechas
‘Lutsko's Dwarf'

Lavandula stoechas ‘Lutsko's Dwarf'

Fabulously fragrant and small in stature, this is a lovely little lavender for petite gardens. Growing to a cute and compact 1’ by 1’ mound, it doesn’t get all gangly and awkward like its non-dwarf form has a tendency of doing. Bees are big fans of the deep purple, tubular flowers that appear in Summer topped by violet-purple “bunny ear” bracts that persist for weeks after the flowers themselves have faded. Good drainage is the key to success. Extra credit points for being drought tolerant and deer resistant! Cut back immediately after bloom is finished  by no more than 1/3rd - at the latest by first week in September, to maintain appearance for next season.

Plant Nerd
Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 6-10